So you’ve decided to take the plunge. You’ve found each other and decided that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. In the time before telling the world (or maybe even asking her!), an engagement ring is the thing foremost in your mind. You want the perfect ring because she’s the perfect person. Nothing but a diamond will do! But what do you do next?

The first thing you should do is establish a budget. Decide in advance how much you are going to spend and stick with that figure. We’ll tell you how to maximize that amount and get the most bang for your buck.



Understanding the 4 Cs—cut, color, clarity and carat.


Prior to 1940, there was no standard way to determine the value of a diamond and buying one was somewhat akin to buying a pig in a poke. That all started to change when Robert M. Shipley formed an institute in his apartment in Los Angeles dedicated to researching and educating people (especially jewelers) about gems. He called it the Gemological Institute of America. From its humble beginnings, GIA became a world-wide phenomenon that eventually became a global gemology leader.
It wasn’t enough to establish a standard whereby diamonds could be accurately valued, it was also necessary to teach students and jewelers alike how to remember and explain what characteristics determined the value of a diamond. Therefore, he came up with a mnemonic device that was easy for his students to remember. He called it “the 4Cs.”  With his direction, the term became the vernacular used throughout the industry to describe those characteristics.So what do the 4Cs represent?


If this is your year and you have decided to pop the question, we’ve got some good news for you! With millennials beginning to get engaged, many are changing traditions and establishing new ones that reflect their views and preferences. For instance, more couples are writing their wedding vows (up 5% from 2014), having a friend or family member officiate (up 8% in the same time frame), and inviting friends along on their honeymoon (called a buddymoon). September and October have replaced May and June as the most popular months to get married, but December still ranks #1 as the most popular month to get engaged.

With all those changes, though, one thing remains absolutely the same: the engagement ring. Although white gold has usurped the place of yellow gold as the favorite (70% of brides prefer white gold), rose gold is rising in the ranks, too. And, of course, there’s always the perennial favorite, platinum.

So how do you know what to choose for your bride-to-be? A whopping 86% of brides claim that overall design is the most important aspect, more even than the size of the diamond. With that in mind, we offer you 7 of the hottest looks for 2017, with several examples to choose from. Selecting one of these rings is sure to please your intended.

Style #1: The Classic

What makes this ring a true classic? According to the dictionary, classic is defined as “a work of art of recognized and established value.” This RoyalT Tacori engagement ring fits that definition in every aspect. A sleek band with secret diamond details along the inner face of the band brings your brilliant oval cut diamond to life, making it worthy of your love. All eyes will be on your center diamond, in this not so simple solitaire oval cut diamond engagement ring. RoyalT designs are available in platinum, 18kt rose gold, and 18kt yellow gold.



One of the most exciting times of your life will be in deciding on an engagement ring to present to your lovely lady when you ask her to marry you. It’s a decision that will stand throughout your marriage, so choosing the ring should be done with a lot of forethought. Here are seven important considerations when you start looking. 

Now available in-store, Little Bird Jewelry offers unique engagement rings for a great price point.

Now available in-store, Little Bird Jewelry offers unique engagement rings for a great price point.

1.  Does the jeweler or designer provide protection?

Choosing an engagement ring is actually only the beginning. You’ll want this symbol of your love and devotion to last all through her lifetime, so making sure the ring is protected is paramount. After all, life happens. Dirt and wear and tear can take their toll on jewelry, so making sure the warranty covers what might happen is something you simply shouldn’t compromise on. What good is a beautiful engagement ring if six months down the line something happens and the ring is damaged? You don’t want to have to replace the ring after making such an important decision, both in terms of appeal and investment. Your love is forever, so shouldn’t her engagement ring last a lifetime as well?

A jewelry warranty or guarantee generally covers replacement or repair of diamonds and other gemstones, ideally for a lifetime. The warranty may be included in the price of the ring, or the jeweler may offer it as an add-on. One caveat that is typically observed is that you have the ring inspected regularly, usually at least every six months. Not complying with the jeweler’s terms can void the warranty, so it’s important that both you and your fiancé read the warranty and understand its requirements.


Woman with Gold Watch on Wrist and with dog

Our professional jewelers at Hal Davis Jewelers deal with gold on an almost daily basis. Whether it’s used in a bracelet, locket, pendant, or necklace, gold is among the most popular precious metals in the world. This is, of course, despite the fact that other metals are actually much rarer and more valuable. Add to its popularity the fact that gold is not only used in jewelry — electronics, for one, make use of gold as a conductor because it doesn’t tarnish. And we all know that the electronics industry is among the biggest industries in the world.