A day as memorable as your wedding deserves a ring of unforgettable beauty. Hal Davis Jewelers has had the honor of adorning the hands of beautiful brides since 1966. With a wide variety of stunning engagement rings and exquisite wedding sets, you’re sure to find the perfect fit—whatever your style or budget.

Every ring begins with the perfect diamond. That’s why we sell our diamonds loose and unmounted, so that you can compare Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight.



Cut is by far the most important of the 4C’s. A diamond cut to proper proportions allows the greatest amount of light to be reflected for maximum brilliance. Diamond cutting quality can affect price by over 50%!


Diamonds are found in a range of colors, from light yellow or brown to no color at all, which is the rarest.


The fewer imperfections in a diamond, the better. A flawless diamond is EXTREMELY rare and valuable.


A carat is a measure of weight, which also indicates size.

As a member of the American Gem Society, we adhere to a strict grading system for all of our diamonds. Click Here for information.