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Dear Men, Here's Why Women Are Obsessed with All Things Shiny

January 26th, 2017

Woman Wearing Jewelry

Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother once said: “Girls are like fish—they like all things shiny.”

Sexist comment aside, the truth is that many women can’t resist the allure of jewelry.  Each one has her particular preferences when it comes to items like rings or necklaces. When she gives you that hint, it’s okay to be confused and wonder: what is it with women and jewelry’

Here’s why:

Jewelry Can Help Flaunt Her Best Features

For some women, even the smallest accessory such as a stud earring can have a major effect in how she looks. Some feel that even the faintest glimmer of a jewel can brighten their appearance.

Try to study the face shape of the woman you plan to buy an earring for. Consult with experts to see which type of jewelry is ideal for the shape of her face. When it comes to necklaces, look at all the different chains and pendants available. For example, choker-type necklaces look best on women with long, thin necks, or the famous “swan neck”.

Jewelry Can Complement or Complete an Ensemble

Ladies love to look their best when they are getting ready for a special event or celebration. Since they want to be prettier, they choose the best fashion jewelry to complement their outfit. A random necklace pulled out of her collection without much thought isn’t enough; for some women, their away-shoulder blades costume needs the right-sized pendant to cover their throat.

For white colored gowns, some ladies believe glowing bracelets are the perfect choice. Ladies enjoy good color combinations, which is why they want to use the right jewelry.

Sentimental Appeal Works

Some women love being treated like a princess, especially by their knight in shining armor (in this case, it’s you). Young couples in committed and long-term relationships sometimes look for items with sentimental value. The best choice, of course, is the diamond ring.

Sentimental value will always come with the gifting of a ring or any other type of jewelry. So if you’re looking for a great gift, keep this love for jewelry in mind. Hal Davis Jewelers has your back when it comes to selecting the best pieces. Browse through our selection today!