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Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of 2017

August 18th, 2017

If this is your year and you have decided to pop the question, we’ve got some good news for you! With millennials beginning to get engaged, many are changing traditions and establishing new ones that reflect their views and preferences. For instance, more couples are writing their wedding vows (up 5% from 2014), having a friend or family member officiate (up 8% in the same time frame), and inviting friends along on their honeymoon (called a buddymoon). September and October have replaced May and June as the most popular months to get married, but December still ranks #1 as the most popular month to get engaged.

With all those changes, though, one thing remains absolutely the same: the engagement ring. Although white gold has usurped the place of yellow gold as the favorite (70% of brides prefer white gold), rose gold is rising in the ranks, too. And, of course, there’s always the perennial favorite, platinum.

So how do you know what to choose for your bride-to-be? A whopping 86% of brides claim that overall design is the most important aspect, more even than the size of the diamond. With that in mind, we offer you 7 of the hottest looks for 2017, with several examples to choose from. Selecting one of these rings is sure to please your intended.

Style #1: The Classic

What makes this ring a true classic? According to the dictionary, classic is defined as “a work of art of recognized and established value.” This RoyalT TACORI engagement ring fits that definition in every aspect. A sleek band with secret diamond details along the inner face of the band brings your brilliant oval cut diamond to life, making it worthy of your love. All eyes will be on your center diamond, in this not so simple solitaire oval cut diamond engagement ring. RoyalT designs are available in platinum, 18kt rose gold, and 18kt yellow gold.

Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of 2017 0

Another classic ring is the Sholdt-designed “Fremont,” which features the time-honored solitaire diamond atop a singularly beautiful, plain band with squared-edges that merge into the pronged setting that is itself formed from the band. This gorgeous ring makes a statement without being ostentatious, and is available in 14k or 18k white, yellow, and rose gold, platinum, and also palladium.

Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of 2017 0

Style #2: The Heirloom

Our next ring is called “The Heirloom,” and it will surely become just that, as she’ll want to pass it down through generations to come. A truly mesmerizing design in white gold, this bezel-set floral halo engagement ring comes from the craftsmen of Little Bird Bridal. Most halo rings feature a round or oval shaped circle of stones that surround the center gemstone, but this one has a unique look that includes round diamonds set in an intricately designed precious metal styled with floral nuances. The milgrain detail adds to the distinctive look of this gorgeous ring. The band itself is 18k white gold and simple in style, complementing the flair of the ring’s design rather than detracting from it. So lovely!

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Style #3: The Art Deco

Another hot fashion trend is engagement rings in the Art Deco style, which became popular in the 1920s and was revived in the 1960s. Marked by geometric motifs and curvilinear forms, it is making a strong comeback in this century.

Another ring by the talented designers at Little Bird Bridal, this elegant engagement ring features 62 diamonds that surround the brilliant-cut, 1.18 carat, oval morganite in the center. The geometric shapes of the outer halo resemble a sunburst, and the rose gold setting of the inner halo lends warmth to the cool white gold of the rest of the ring. The morganite stone draws on its own warm hue to create a soft contrast to the white gold and perfectly complement the rose gold. The band is a simple, 18k white gold ring.

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Little Bird Bridal does it again with this spectacular yellow gold, alternating halo with diamond. It is an Art Deco piece that flatters the eye and stuns the senses. With a total of 16 round, white diamonds set in a fascinating array around the center stone, the brilliant 18k yellow gold sets off the radiant diamonds and creates shining counterpoints to the white stones. A plain yellow gold band supports this gracefully designed engagement ring, sure to capture her heart.

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Style #4: The Egyptian

These “Egyptian” style engagement rings feature bold, exciting style that will elicit delight from your avant-garde lady. They both feature highly polished, 18k yellow gold bands in striking forms that are delightfully asymmetrical and stylish.

The Lark design features a single, white diamond that sits like the north star above a beautiful “swan” white topaz center. Elegant and state-of-the-art, this ring will invite appreciation from everyone who sees it.

Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of 2017 0

An alternative to the first “Egyptian” ring is a second Lark design that takes the beautiful 18k yellow gold band to a point and flanks it with two round-cut accent diamonds. The “swan” white topaz center gemstone appears to float beneath the band which reflects the shape of Egyptian pyramids. An entirely modern style that harkens back to an ancient design.

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Style #5: The Ribbon

Michael M presents a highly unusual and strictly captivating engagement ring called “The Ribbon” that uses the luxurious band as an integral part of this desirable design. With a woven look, the crisscrossing diamond band reflects effortless grace and sophistication. Tiny milgrain edges complete the ribbon design. In bright white gold or platinum, the graceful lines of the band draw the eye back again and again to the oval-cut diamond in the center. True elegance for the lady of your dreams!

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In similar style, TACORI offers another ”Ribbon” engagement ring in 18k rose gold with crisscrossing bands that are studded with bright, white, pave-set diamonds in warm, 18k rose gold for an enchanting contrast. A beautiful conjunction of modern and traditional, the round-cut diamond in the center presents a lovely example of “classic meets unexpected.”

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Style #6: The Showstopper

A show-stopping engagement ring is this Michael M designed piece that combines a double halo in a square fashion with a round-cut center diamond for ultimate elegance and exceptional style. The immaculately designed band features three rows of accent diamonds on each side, with the center row presenting slightly larger, breathtaking, round-cut diamonds. There isn’t a woman on earth who wouldn’t desire the exquisite look of this phenomenal engagement ring in stunning, 18k white gold.

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Michael M presents its surprising “Europa” double halo engagement ring. A spectacular display of white diamonds gives this singular ring its brilliant glow in two halos that surround an oval shaped center diamond. A split band accommodates 0.78 carats of round-cut side diamonds providing, even more, glow to an already effervescent display. A regal ring for the lady who is the queen of your heart.

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Style #7: The Feminine

The last ring in our presentation is the “Feminine” rose leaf, milgrain, halo engagement ring by Little Bird Bridal. Living up to its name, this striking confection of 18k rose gold, round-cut diamonds, and a large Morganite oval is an opulent choice for a lady of distinction. The lacy leaves that form this arresting halo are edged with milgrain detail, adding to the already feminine quality of this ring. The pleasing rosy hue of the gold is appealingly ladylike, too.

Hottest Engagement Ring Styles of 2017 0

With many styles and engagement rings to choose from this year, you can be sure to find a design that enchants your beloved. Make this year the one that begins the rest of your life together and brings you and your lady your own happily-ever-after.

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