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Our History at Hal Davis Jewelers in Idaho

Our Rolex history

What started out as a small business, has now evolved into a heritage of greatness.
Forging a territory of luxury as the only Official Rolex Jeweler in Idaho, Hal Davis Jewelers is the supreme source of quality timepieces and expert services.

Tides of Excellence at Hal Davis Jewelers

Tides of Excellence

Expertise, passion, and trustworthiness has always been at the core of our establishment. Founded in 1966 by Hal K. Davis, our shop was brought to life with a simple intention: "to offer the finest, most unique designer pieces, and treat every customer like family." In 1982, our store was expanded to a new location, and thus began our journey of refining our customer experience and quality of offerings. When you’re in need of professional service, trust our team to use all certified authentic Rolex parts for your repair. Hal Davis Jewelers is beloved by customers and Rolex alike. The jewelry store is currently led and operated by Hal's daughter, Kathy, and granddaughter, Jennifer, along with its hard-working and knowledgeable staff.

Luxury Refinement at Hal Davis Jewelers

Luxury Refinement

‭Hal Davis Jewelers, your Idaho Rolex dealer, is a company that has invested half a century in comfort, sophistication, and luxury. The evolution of our Rolex showroom allows visitors to experience incredible craftsmanship on a new level. Since becoming an Official Rolex Jeweler nearly 50 years ago, we have housed iconic styles of Rolex men’s and women's timepieces. Our newly refined showroom opened its doors in 2019, inhabiting over 450 square feet of excellence.

Our Rolex History at Hal Davis Jewelers