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Our Rolex showrooms

Our Rolex Showroom

Newly refreshed in 2019, our Rolex showroom ensures that your shopping experience will feel as luxurious as the affluent watch manufacturer you’re browsing.
Our trained experts are here to guide you through our extensive selection, ensuring you leave with the most ideal Rolex watch.

The Rolex Experience at Hal Davis Jewelers in Idaho

The Rolex Experience

‭Hal Davis Jewelers invests in comfort and luxury. Our brand-new showroom opened its doors in 2019, boasting over 450 square feet to showcase excellence. The stunning floor-to-ceiling aqua glass feature, custom screens, and a personalized VIP room is truly an experience. During a Rolex consultation, our dedicated professionals will take their time with you to explore various styles and features, ensuring you select the timepiece best suited for you to enjoy for a lifetime.

Extensive Selection at Hal Davis Jewelers in Idaho

Extensive Selection

When you browse our Boise showroom, you're certain to be dazzled by the immense and exclusive selection of Rolex watches that we not only sell, but also maintain in our on-site workshop. Long-time aficionados and newcomers to the world of Swiss horology both find what they're searching for at Hal Davis Jewelers. Whether you’re seeking the timeless class of the Oyster Perpetual or the let Hal Davis Jewelers showroom be your first and last stop for Rolex watches in Idaho.

Our Showroom at Hal Davis Jewelers